The Future ( Of Filippa )

Vemdalen if 100 years

What does the place where you live look like in 2118? I think it is a city in Vemdalen in hundred years with Malls and restaurants.

How to people live? What do houses look like? I think people live in a

computer world and the houses looks like modern houses from 2018.

What kind of food do people eat? I think people eat junk food.

What is school like? I think is bigger school but there not so many.

What do children do in their free time? I think they are dealing with phones and computers.

Are there still cars, bikes, buses, trains or other ways to travel? I think you do not drive the cars but it is same things.

Do people still watch TV and gto to the cinema? I think people watch on TV but i think the cinema also om TV and that you have 3D glasses at home.

How do they communicate with each other? Do they still use phones and computers?You still have computers and phones, but they are more developed and have great memory.

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