ONE OF MY FAVORITANIMAL IS PEREGRINE, Fastest animal in the world.The male is big as a crow and the female is big as a raven.


The pergrine lives at steaps or rocks that is at least 10 meters or 100 meters high. At most of the times the pergrine wants water under the nest. The pergrine take others birds nest, so they are recycle. Other birds nest the peregrine takes  are for example ravens and less common is king’s eagle and buzzard.The pergrine eats birds in sice of a pigeon.

The pergrine kill birds by crash into them.There are 19 diflerent spices of pergrines in the world.   


Me and my pet



I have a bunny, his name is Charlie but his nickname is Charles. He is two years old, his Birthday is second of april. His from Östersund but now he lives in Vemdalen. He is an dwarf ram, in Swedish ”dvärgvädur”. He has hanging ears and because of that he has reduced hearing. He has a very blunt head. Charlie has 4 siblings. The dwarf ram come from netherlands, dwarf ram is an blend of ermine male and a french ram female. The first litter was born 1964, but the first litter came to Sweden 1972. Charlie and my friends bunny Ellen waiting a litter in May. Charlie is light brown. He loves salad, cucumber, crack bread and carrots. He stomps with his hind foot when he gets scared. I often have him in a leash and he loves it. I got him before the summer holiday. I chose to talk about Charlie because he is my pet and I love him. My dream is to travel to another country with him.

Written by Embla!

Tryck för att se film


Me and my animal

Me and my pet/ animal


My animal is an owl. The owl´s  breed is mountain owl. The owl is fast and  hears very good. The owl is white and a little brown on the feathers. The mountain owl eats rodents, lemmings and sores and sometimes birds. The mountain owl chasing his prey at night when it is dark. In sweden there live in the northern parts. But they are rare. The mountain owl length varies from 53 to 66 centimeter. Between the wings is it 140 to 165 centimeter. A male weighs about 1,7 kilo and a female weighs about 2,1 kilo. The mountain owl is quiet and timid. Their eyes is big and yellow.


l chose mountain owl because they are cute and interesting.                                                                                                                                                      made of Ellika